AVG Secure VPN 2021 [10-D, 2-YR]

includes a 10-Device, 2-Year license

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31 July 2021
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There are various reasons why you've become distrustful of the internet, even the security developers who design the software designed to protect your computer. How many times have you seen brands hacked and personal details exposed? It's happening almost weekly.

The problem is, when you browse the internet, your information is not secure. In theory, someone could intercept the data, particularly when you using wifi to communicate with the internet. Worse, if you travel frequently and look for free public wifi at the station or airport, many of us will browse the internet using unsecured wifi where anyone could extract your passwords and other personal information.

The solution is to deploy a commercial VPN (virtual private network). AVG Secure VPN is software you can install across your devices (PC, Mac, iOS and Android) and it enables you to send your internet data through a military-grade encrypted local network which is totally unhackable. Install AVG Secure VPN, deploy and your data is encrypted on the fly, even if you're connected to an unsecured network.

In addition to surfing anonymously, AVG Secure VPN enables you to switch your location to a different country. If you see a show exclusive to America, simply switch to the United States to start streaming content.

It's worth noting that you can include your VPN on your PC, Mac, iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android devices.

Includes a 10-Device, 2-Year licence.

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