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Whether you are a magazine publisher, website owner or a traditional boxed software retailer, we can give you your own electronic software distribution (ESD) store which will enable you to provide downloadable software to your customers or web users, with the minimum of work required. You receive a commission from every sale, without any commitment, up-front financing, hosting or development work.

Back in 2008 we, Creativemark, wanted to develop a better ESD system to provide software to our web users. From the start we developed our store(s) to enable other companies to offer their own customised, branded store and received a guaranteed payment every month from sales made through your store.

Our store concept is based on the Cleverbridge e-commerce platform that powers the checkout for brands such as Acronis, Laplink, Uniblue, Paragon Software and many others. When you launch your own store based on this platform, you have access to all these brands, plus others than we have signed up, including AVG, Kaspersky, PC Tools, Magix, Cyberlink and others TBC through 2010. Every time we add a brand, these will be available in your store. You can also sell your own products from your store and you are not just limited to downloadable software. Our store concept enables you to provide a backup installation CD, cables and other components that can be sent by post. Your store is based on the Cleverbridge affiliate network. For every sale made through your store, you are paid a commission that is agreed by Cleverbridge and each software developer. As an example, Acronis, Paragon Software and others pay 30%. Uniblue pay 45% commission.

Best of all, there's no commitment, no contract required and you are paid directly by Cleverbridge, by wire transfer, PayPal or check, every month, on approximately the 16th of the month. You have access to your own store transactions (view by hour, day, week, month etc), the number of 'user sessions', cookies stored on your store, so you can quickly see the real-time performance of your store and store products. In addition, you can add tracking to your store so you can use WebTrends, Google Analytics or other advanced web tracking services to see detailed access of your store customers.

Your store can be completely customised. On a basic level, you can have your own store domain (as an example,, a branded store header/footer and store newsletter. Your store is independent from other stores on the platform, can host its own adverts (mini-MPUs), sends custom store notification information to your users and much more. You can even have multiple branded stores that operate independently, with their own revenue stream.

Your store can be translated. Each store is powered by our content management system (CMS) that was developed ground-up to provide an independent white label structure, which means that your company could have a store in English and an alternative store in another language. As the store concept is powered by the Cleverbridge platform, the store checkout is automatically available in 18 languages and supports 23 currencies. A customer from the USA can see products priced in USD and order in USD. A customer in Sweden can see prices in Swedish Krona, order in Swedish and purchase in SEK. To your international customers, the store will appear as if it's localised for their territory.

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